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Video: How Exercise Can Delay Parkinson's Disease

This community-based wellness program uses exercise for Parkinson’s and empowers those with the disease

A Parkinson’s diagnosis doesn’t have to mean the end to your active lifestyle. In fact, exercise can help ward off symptoms. Watch the video below to learn how OhioHealth’s Delay the Disease program uses exercise for Parkinson’s.

This program can help with:

  1. Moving about with ease and confidence in a crowd
  2. Getting out of bed or rising from a chair independently
  3. Improved handwriting
  4. Dressing independently
  5. Diminishing worry that stiffness, slow steps and other symptoms are obvious
  6. Regaining a sense of moving with normality



By focusing on symptom-specific exercises, Delay the Disease fitness plans help the newly diagnosed and progressed patients alike. These exercises target many Parkinson’s symptoms like altered balance, depression, freezing, stooped posture and stiffness.

Learn more about Delay the Disease and how it can empower you or your loved one with Parkinson’s Disease.