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5 Columbus Group Fitness Classes to Try This Fall

Tired of solo runs before the sun comes up? Keep your fitness regime interesting with these group fitness classes in Columbus

Fitness fanatics and beginners alike agree: Group classes are one of the best ways to maximize your results at the gym. Stop slowly pedaling the spin bike while checking up on Facebook, and sign up for one of these group fitness classes at the Grant Health and Fitness Center.

1. Spinning Express

30 minutes
Build strength, stamina and endurance in this crazy fast-paced cycling workout. Both 45-minute and 30-minute options are available, so you can be sure to get in an A+ workout before work or on your lunch break.

2. Total Body Conditioning

45 minutes
Getting bored in the gym? This high-energy, high-intensity class keeps you moving from strength training to cardiovascular exercises at a continual pace, so the 45 minutes fly by. Bonus: The last 10-15 minutes of class focuses on your core.

3. Chair Pilates

60 minutes
Skip the mat today and hit the chair. The Chair Pilates class works through a sequence of exercises while — you guessed it — sitting on a chair, incorporating the use of the Pilates Ring, Thera-bands, stability ball and BOSU Ball.  The exercises are designed to promote a balanced musculoskeletal system, resulting in core strength, flexibility, good posture and improved balance.

4. TRX

30 minutes
Have you been perplexed by those straps hanging from the pull-up bar? There’s a class for that. This all-fitness class uses the TRX Suspension Trainer to help build true functional strength and improves flexibility, balance and core stability.

5. Boot Camp

30 minutes
Put your bodyweight to work in this intense workout that incorporates bodyweight exercises such as lunges, push-ups and jumping jacks. The best part is that you get a great cardiovascular and strength workout in one.

Find out all about the fitness classes at OhioHealth and start improving your health today!