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Closeup of a child's craft of a construction paper turkey

3 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

With a few extra days of school, it can be hard to get things done for the Thanksgiving holiday with kids looking to be entertained. Why not get them involved in the holiday prep by working on crafts? We’ve listed three simple ideas that kids will love – plus they’ll learn more about what it means to be thankful.

Strings hanging with notes clipped to them

Chain or Banner of Thankfulness

Talking about the things we’re thankful for is a great way to get kids involved in Thanksgiving, but you can also use their sentiments to make a paper chain or a banner that showcases their stories. All you need is construction paper in fall colors, markers and glue or tape. Cut the paper into strips or squares and write something your child is thankful for on each one. You can even incorporate the entire family and share everyone’s thoughts. Glue or tape the strips into circles to make a chain, or simply hang the squares on a string – and then hang the chain or banner near your table so you can focus on this year’s positive events while you spend dinner with family and loved ones.

Place card that says Happy Thanksgiving sitting with autumn leaves and pumpkins

Place Cards

If you’re hosting dinner at your home, consider making place cards to put by each plate. Buy cardstock of your choice and fold it in half to make the card. Then, write the name of one guest on each card. Allow your child to decorate the card with holiday-themed stickers, glitter and more. Once the cards have dried, have your child share one thing they are thankful for that relates to each person and write that sentiment on each card. It’s sure to be a touching surprise everyone will love when they sit down to dinner.

Child holding a drawing of a turkey that says Happy Thanksgiving

Handprint Turkey Cards

For family that is out of town, your little one can easily make a handprint turkey on a card to mail to them. Even for babies, this is a simple way to share love. Create the card itself using construction paper of your choice. Consider cutting out leaves or other fall-themed accessories to glue onto the card. Then, dip your child’s hand in yellow or orange finger paint and press down on the card to leave a thumbprint. From there, he can decorate the hand as a turkey in whatever way he wants. Write a heartfelt message on the inside of the card once it is dry and send it to out of town family members.