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Child using scissors to cut a green tree from construction paper

4 Winter Holiday Crafts for the Whole Family

The holiday season is the perfect time to make special, personalized crafts with your loved ones. Turn on the fireplace, enjoy some holiday music and a cup of hot cocoa and try these four winter holiday craft projects with your family.

Child painting a white ornament

Personalized Ornaments

There are all kinds of simple ways to make beautiful, custom ornaments without spending much money. The first option is to purchase a variety of solid colored ornaments and use paint, glue, sequins and any other materials to decorate them however you like. Another popular choice is to purchase clear ornaments and fill the insides with special memorabilia. This could include anything from a baby’s hospital band in honor of his first Christmas to a photo of a loved one who you want to remember this holiday.

Closeup of ornaments on a Christmas tree in front of a fireplace with stockings hanging from its mantle

Handmade Stockings

If you know how to sew, this holiday craft project can be done by hand from beginning to end. Allow each family member to pick the fabric they want, determine what size each stocking will be and sew them to create the bases for decoration. If this is a bit beyond your skill set, simply purchase plain stockings to start with. Next, encourage each family member use fabric paint, buttons, ribbon and other available materials to make a stocking that fits his personality. As a finishing touch, have everyone paint their name at the top of their stocking and hang them across the fireplace for added decor.

Parent and child making winter themed arts and crafts

Custom Cards and Wrapping

Ready to start wrapping gifts and placing them under the tree? Try creating your own wrapping paper by drawing on paper grocery bags or using parchment paper. There are even some types of wrapping paper available for purchase that can be filled in like a coloring book. In addition to homemade wrapping paper, customize gifts even further by creating unique gift tags or cards. Incorporating photos is just one way to make these embellishments extra special.

Mother and child putting icing on a gingerbread house

Build a Gingerbread House

A timeless and delicious option, making a gingerbread house is the perfect way to create edible decor for your home. Go to the store as a family and choose which candies everyone likes best, as this may help determine what style of house you want to build. Encourage your kids to go big and use this holiday craft as an opportunity to teach them how to solve problems to reach a goal. Make one large house together or create an entire village that includes smaller gingerbread houses from each family member.

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