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3 Toy Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Gifts for Kids

With the holidays are right around the corner, it can be tough to find the perfect toy for your child, niece, nephew or grandchild. There are tons of great options on the market – no matter what interests a child has. However, the most important thing to consider is toy safety. Follow these three simple tips to make sure your gift is fun and safe for your favorite little one.

1. Look at the Age Recommendations

One of the easiest ways to determine if a toy is right for the child you’re buying for, is to check the age recommendations listed on its packaging. These recommendations not only take into account a child’s interest or ability to use it properly, but they also consider possible risks that it could pose. If a toy is labeled as being too advanced for your little one, put it back on the shelf and look for something more appropriate.

2. Be Aware of All Safety Hazards

The larger the pieces of a toy are, the better. Many playthings have pieces and parts that are major safety hazards due to size as well as other features. Some of these features include:

  • Small parts that could cause a child to choke
  • Electric toys that could overheat
  • Sharp edges
  • Toxic materials
  • Loose string that could cause strangulation

3. Inspect Toys Before Purchasing

If the item comes in a box, look for a list of parts included. If a list isn’t available, ask a store associate to open the box so you can see exactly what comes with it. You’ll also want to check and see how sturdy the toy is. Make sure it’s well-made, won’t break and won’t cause injury. Also, if it requires assembly, make sure the instructions are clear so it can easily be put together without mistakes. For toys that require batteries, feel free to include them; however, make sure they are properly packaged so they can’t be accidentally ingested.