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How to Choose the Best After-School Activities for Your Child

Getting kids involved in after-school activities is a great way to teach them about teamwork, help them grow their social skills and allow them to develop hobbies. However, with so many different types of activities to choose from, it can be hard to pick the best options for your child. Also a challenge is determining how many activities should be added to his schedule. Here are four tips to help you choose the best after-school activities for your child – and prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed.

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Talk to Your Child First

Before you start considering available after-school activities in your area, talk with your child about what interests him most. Does he enjoy watching sports on TV? Would he rather be curled up with a book? Are arts and crafts his favorite way to pass the time? Knowing his current interests can help you find the perfect match for his personality and make it more likely that he’ll enjoy the activity.

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Look into Trial Opportunities

If you’re not sure whether a particular choice is right for your child, ask if there are trial sessions available to attend. Giving him the chance to go try something and meet the people involved can help you gauge his interest-level before paying up-front for a long-term commitment. If he doesn’t like the after-school activity, ask him what it was that he did not enjoy and keep that in mind when choosing the next one.

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Consider Your Child’s Age

Your child’s age may impact his enjoyment of particular activities in a variety of ways. For example, if he’s younger he will be less likely to stay engaged in an activity that lasts for several hours. Additionally, if he’s the youngest or oldest one in the group, he might feel out of place or intimidated. Age could also play a factor in his ability to perform certain tasks.

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Book with a Friend

If your child’s best friend is planning to get involved in extracurricular activities, talk to his parents to see which ones they are choosing. Having a buddy to participate with can make activities more exciting and help erase any underlying fears he may have about going alone. It can also serve as motivation during days that he doesn’t want to go.

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