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Father holding daughter in arms while she kisses his forehead

Daddy Daughter Dates

With Father’s Day approaching, you might be looking for ways to bond with your daughter, but Father’s Day isn’t the only time of year for dads and their little ones to spend time together. Make it a point to schedule regular daddy/daughter date nights. These date night ideas will help fathers get to know their daughters a little better, help develop a one-on-one bond and help girls and their dads have some fun and while making lifelong memories!

Father and Daughter Eating Dinner Together

Classic dinner date

Dinners out are part of some families’ regular routines, while for others, they are a special occasion. Either way, changing the dynamic will make it exciting for your daughter. Let her pick the restaurant, or decide on a place together. If she’s used to mom and dad ordering, let her browse through the menu (or read it to her) and see if there’s something new she would like to try. Ask lots of questions and let her do the same. You may learn something new about one another or connect on a new level without distractions from other family members.

Father and Daughter Eating Ice Cream in front of a pond outside

A movie and ice cream

It seems like there can’t possibly be a Disney movie that your kids don’t already own on DVD, but your daughter probably has a whole list of new releases she wants to see in theaters. Choose a movie that she’s excited about and you might be surprised – maybe you’ll enjoy it, too. At the very least, you’ll enjoy watching her smile!

After the movie, go for ice cream and talk about the movie. Ask her which parts she liked the best, which parts she didn’t like, which characters were her favorite. This conversation is one that only the two of you can have until you rent the DVD in a few months for the rest of the family! Be sure to tell her no spoilers for her brothers and sisters!

Father and Daughter Shopping for Clothing

Shopping for a special occasion

Moms are usually on shopping duty and sometimes for a good reason! Maybe you don’t know what’s appropriate or even what matches, but picking out an outfit for a special occasion together can be a great bonding experience!

If you’re nervous, ask mom for some guidelines, like which stores you should try, what color or length a dress should be and how much you should spend (you’d be amazed how quickly accessories add up!), ahead of time. Help your daughter pick out items to try on and ask her what she likes or dislikes about each. Some girls consider finding the perfect outfit a big success and she’ll be proud to have shared it with her dad!

Father and Daughter Rock Climbing

Try something new together

Think of an activity that your daughter would like to try that you’ve never done, either. Maybe it’s rock climbing, hiking a new trail or riding in a hot air balloon. Maybe it’s less adventurous, like trying a new restaurant or painting pottery. It will be fun to learn something new together and even if you don’t love it or aren’t great at it, it will make a funny story that you’ll remember for years to come!

Father and Daughters Fishing on dock at lake

Take her to do something traditionally “boys only”

This might not be something all girls enjoy – you know your daughter best. Sometimes girls are curious about the things that their dads and brothers do together. Consider taking your daughter fishing or ask her if she’d like to help you in the garage. You can teach her something new and she’ll feel special knowing you asked her to do something that she usually only hears about from her brothers!