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Child handing father a hand drawn card for Father's Day

Father’s Day Gifts for All Kinds of Dads

Father’s Day is around the corner, and of course, you want to show dear old Dad some love and appreciation for all he does. But it’s no secret — dads aren’t the easiest people to buy for. If you’re feeling stumped, here are some ideas for the big guy that are sure to make him feel glad he’s a dad.

Closeup of car steering wheel and dashboardCar Lover Dad

Road Mice will win points with Dad by letting him get his hands on the car of his dreams. (No, it’s not the kid hauler he’s been tooling around in for the past few years.) This wireless computer mouse puts a new spin on work. Whether he’s a classic Mercedes guy or more of a sporty Porsche or Mustang man, these PC- and Apple-compatible mice will rev his motor.



Closeup of person holding a carryout cup of coffeeCoffee-loving Dad

If your dad loves a good caffeine kick, as well as the smooth taste of a good bourbon (or tequila or rum), this spirit-infused coffee gives him both. No worries, he’ll be able to enjoy it anytime because it’s alcohol-free. And even better, a portion of the sale goes to help firefighter and veteran programs.



Variety of tools sitting on a wood backgroundDo-it-Yourself Dad

Even the guy who can fix anything keeps his eye out for a new hack to do it easier and faster. The Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual Newly Updated has new tricks, technology, and tools that will get him itching to start a new project.




Closeup of a grill with meat on itGrilling Dad

Your grillmaster will love expanding his grilling repertoire with this smoker box. The small, stainless steel box fits most sizes of grills and holds wood chips to infuse meats with his flavor of choice. And, he’ll be grilling ready wherever he goes with this handy tool. When he takes his grilling on the road, this 5-in-1 tool gives him what he needs to fulfill his duties.



Desktop with variety of office tools and laptop computerNeatnik Dad

If your dad lives by the theory of a place for everything and everything in its place, this organizer will make you his favorite child. The configurable straps keep chargers, cords, headphones and more, neat and tidy. The traveling dad will appreciate the way this necktie travel roll keeps him looking good, too.



Man mowing the grassPractical Dad

When your dad’s yearly mantra is, “Don’t buy me anything; save your money,” the gift of your time and elbow grease will be just what he asked for. Hit him with coupons for your help — cutting the grass, cleaning the garage, washing the car, brushing the dog. He’ll love having some time off from dad chores, but count on a little supervision!



Person reading book on couchReader Dad

Bad jokes are just part of being a dad. He’ll know how much you love him when you voluntarily help him keep the flow of Dad jokes going strong with The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes: Because Your Dad Thinks He’s Hilarious Of course, it will become his bible for his years of study to become Bad Joke-Telling Grandpa, so he’ll appreciate this bookmark, too.



Closeup of golf balls on grassSporty Dad

Bring the ballpark to your boys-of-summer dad. With a bag of peanuts and a tall cold one sitting on a turf coaster, he’ll be happy to be taking in the game from the comfort of his recliner. Maybe your dad’s idea of fun is hitting the road on foot or his bike. The Road ID lets him know you love him enough to never lose track of him. The wearable ID comes in versions for wrists, ankles, shoes and more.


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