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Father and daughter bringing a woman a breakfast in bed on a tray

Involving Kids in Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! While the mom in your life would certainly enjoy some time to pamper herself, there are great ways to celebrate that include your little ones, too. Try one of these ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day this year, we bet Mom will be surprised.

Mother and daughter laughing together with a tray of breakfast on the bed in front of the woman

Breakfast in Bed

Giving mom some extra time to sleep in and then serving her a delicious breakfast in bed is a wonderful way to start her Mother’s Day. Have the kids help with menu planning, measuring and mixing ingredients and getting the plates and silverware all set up. Options like fruit, pancakes, and bacon or sausage are all simple and delicious ways to make the perfect breakfast. Don’t forget, once breakfast is over, clean up the kitchen and wash the dishes.

Closeup of an adult and a girl holding a Mother's Day card

Personalized Crafts

Set up a craft station in the kitchen for everyone to make a special Mother’s Day project. Include confetti, construction paper, markers and stickers for each child to customize his idea. You can also print out photos of mom and the kids that they can pick from to include. An activity like this gets the creative juices flowing and can be a great way for everyone to bond.

Family with small child looking at an animal at the zoo

Get Outside

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather and plan an outdoor activity that mom and kids can both enjoy. Think about planting flowers, going to the park, walking around at the zoo or taking a hike. Not only will you get to soak in some Vitamin D, but you’ll also have time to share stories while creating great new memories.

Mother and daughter painting their toenails together on the couch

Mom’s Favorite Things

Another great way to involve the kids is to plan a day around all of mom’s favorite things. Is there a particular movie she loves? Pop some popcorn and spend the afternoon watching it. Make her favorite dessert, give her an at-home manicure with her favorite nail polish, dance in the living room to music she loves or hand-deliver special flowers.

No matter what you choose to do to celebrate mom today, making her feel special and appreciated will always be a sure fire way to let her know you care.