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4 Central Ohio Support Groups for Seniors and Their Caregivers 

You support your loved one — now learn where you can get support, too

Caregiving is no easy task. And while you may spend your days (and nights) making sure your loved one is well cared for, it’s important to practice a little self-care as well. Here’s where to turn for the support you need.

1. Lewy Body and Parkinson’s Disease Dementia Support Group

For a friend or family member of someone diagnosed with one or both of these disorders. Respite care and group time is also available for the diagnosed individual.

Call 614-457-6003 to register.
Location: OhioHealth John J. Gerlach Center

2. The Early Stage Memory Group: Journeys

A shared education/support experience for someone with an early stage dementia diagnosis and one of their family members/friends. Funded by The Columbus Foundation, William Greenville Pace Medical Research Fund.

Call 614-457-6003 to learn about upcoming sessions.
Location: OhioHealth John J. Gerlach Center

3. Grief Support and Grief Counseling

OhioHealth offers support groups about the grieving process and how to cope for all ages, including children, adolescents and adults.

4. Stroke Survivor Groups

The National Stroke Association encourages stroke survivors and their caregivers to join a stroke support group. These groups provide education, practical recovery tips, linkage to local resources and introduction to other survivors and caregivers.
OhioHealth Stroke Survivor Group: 1st Tuesday of each month, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Call social worker Sally Oiler, LISW, at 614-566-1124 for more information.
Location: OhioHealth John J. Gerlach Center

Want more? Check out our list of support groups at OhioHealth.