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Parents and two children leaving their house in the morning for school and work

Organization Tips for Busy Families

Getting kids to and from school, cooking meals, keeping the house clean and having a job are just some of the responsibilities that parents have on their plate. Trying to keep things organized can seem impossible, especially with the unpredictability of children. We’ve compiled some simple tips that mom and dad can use in even the busiest weeks.

5 Ways to organize busy family life

Mother and Baby Planning Week on Calendar

1. Delegate tasks by day.

Look at what things need to get done throughout the week and pick one day per week to do each of them. This way you’re not overloaded by trying to do everything at once, and you won’t find yourself falling behind. Try to plan a day of relaxation that works best with your schedule. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Organized Entry Way

2. Keep things you need to hit the road in one spot.

Having everything on hand in an easily accessible place makes getting out the door quicker, easier and less stressful. Change things out based on the season, with warm coats and boots by the door in the winter and pool toys and sunscreen by the door in the summer.

Mother and Daughter Picking out Clothing to Wear

3. Prepare for mornings the night before.

Lay out clothing for you and the kids, have breakfast ingredients ready to go and have your bag packed with necessities beforehand. This way,  you don’t have to worry about getting everything together in the morning. You can even do this for several days at a time, so you have even less to worry about throughout the week.

Woman holding brown paper bag full of healthy food

4. Think about dinner on a weekly basis.

Create a meal plan for the week and stick to your schedule so you know what ingredients need to be picked up and exactly what needs to be done to have dinner ready. Consider what days you’ll have leftovers and how you can incorporate them into the rest of the week’s meals. And there is nothing wrong with planning a sandwich or pizza night to save your sanity.

Adult Couple Relaxing Watching TV on Couch

5. Build a schedule that gives you time to unwind.

Keep strict bedtimes for your kids that leave you some time in the evening to relax. You’ll find that having this time makes you feel less rushed and therefore reduces stress.


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