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Three generations of family, grandfather with grandson on his shoulders while they walk outside

Parenting Trends By Generation

Each generation has their own parenting style. From the Baby Boomers to Generation Y, each generation has distinctive ways to parent. Baby Boomers strayed from traditional family hierarchies, while Generation X brought about the term helicopter parenting. Here are some interesting parenting trends by generation:

Grandfather and grandchild making a wood airplane together
The Baby Boomers

The Baby Boomer Generation (born around 1946 up to 1964) struggled with the concept of child discipline, especially traditional discipline techniques from their own childhoods. Baby Boomers engaged in more discussions with their children and tried to be more nurturing than critical. Family meetings started with Baby Boomer parents who valued their children’s perspective and strived to include them in all family matters.

Mother and daughter packing car with bags and baskets
Generation X

Generation X (born in the later 1960s to around 1982) parents are highly involved in their children’s lives. They are active in the school system and are strong advocates for smaller class sizes. Generation X homeschools more children than any other generation. Generation Xers are considered to be very protective parents, which is where the term helicopter parenting comes from.

Woman holding young child in her arms while sitting on the floor
Generation Y

Generation Y (born from around 1983 to the early 2000s) continue the unique name trend, which reflects a desire for children to feel special. Generation Y parents are very conscious about their child’s environment, especially food safety. Generation Y is very interested in having a parenting style and how that style is perceived by their peers.


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