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Simple Ways to Reduce the Risk of Premature Delivery

Did you know that 15 million babies worldwide are born preterm and more than 1 million die as a result? Preterm birth complications are now the leading cause of death in young children. Do you know what you can do to help reduce your risk of delivering prematurely? Read through our tips below.

1. Begin prenatal care as soon as possible. If you’re looking for a doctor, call StepOne at (614) 721-0009 or visit our website.

2. If you have already had a premature baby, you are at a higher risk of delivering early in the future. Speak to your doctor about how progesterone therapy can help.

3. Get treated for chronic health conditions that could impact your pregnancy. This includes high blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid issues.

4. Get educated on the warning signs of preterm labor.

5. Reduce the stressors in your life as much as possible. Look to friends, family members or coworkers for help if necessary.

6. Stay physically active and eat a nutritious diet.

7. Remove alcohol, tobacco and drugs from your lifestyle – including exposure to secondhand smoke.

8. Ensure that you’re protecting yourself from infections by washing your hands regularly and avoiding raw meat or fish.

9. If you have recently had a child, wait 18-24 months before you become pregnant again. Your doctor can provide you with family planning options.

10. If you’ve had a healthy pregnancy, allow it to go full-term. The last few weeks of pregnancy have a variety of developmental benefits for your baby.

If you’re concerned about premature delivery or believe you may be at a higher risk, speak with a doctor today to determine what steps to take next to lower your risk.


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