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Diabetic person measuring blood sugar levels and looking at phone

What's "Appening": The Best Apps for Diabetics

Advances in technology have certainly made improving your health easier. Getting and staying healthy can be done with the touch of a finger, whether it’s with the latest Fitbit to count your steps, or meeting with your doctor from the convenience of your home via telemedicine.

If you’re one of almost 900,000 Ohioans who have diabetes, you know all too well how this condition requires a commitment to healthier living and accountability. While some of those changes are simple, others — like tracking your insulin or blood sugar — can be tedious and time-consuming. Now, technology has stepped in to help diabetics, too. We’re sharing some of the best diabetes apps iPhone and Android apps to help you manage your diabetes and improve your overall health.

Logo of Glucose Buddy app

Glucose Buddy

iOS and Android


Manage your glucose numbers, insulin dosages and food intake with Glucose Buddy. Then, graph your personal data over time. You can review trends, access your account through your desktop computer and connect with other users.


Logo of BlueLoop app


iOS and Android


This app is specifically designed to help children manage their diabetes and helps their entire care team stay connected. Within a HIPAA-compliant environment, parents can stay informed through push notification when new data is entered into the app.


Logo of mySugr Diabetes Logbook app

mySugr Diabetes Logbook

iOS and Android


Users say its simplicity and bright colors make managing diabetes a joy rather than a chore. This app tracks carbohydrates, meals and blood sugar and then sends reports that you can share with your doctor. Some added functions include syncing with Apple Health, and on-demand access to diabetes experts for feedback and coaching.


Logo of Diabetes Pilot Pro app

Diabetes Pilot Pro



Track all the important metrics: carbohydrates, calories and food intake. Then, this app can estimate your insulin for meals and correct high glucose. Other health apps can easily be integrated so you don’t need to input data in multiple places.

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