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Helping Local Businesses From 6 Feet Away

If you’re missing the box of donuts you came to expect at your morning meeting, don’t worry! You can still support your local donut shop and your appetite (just maybe don’t eat a full dozen yourself!). Order your treat for pick up, brew your cup of joe, and log on! This is just one of many ways to continue supporting local businesses while ordered to stay at home.

Here are some more ideas!

Order and call ahead

This doesn’t only apply to restaurants. Many small businesses are modifying their operations to cater to their customers’ needs, including ordering and paying for items by phone, online or through an app.

Even if you’re just grabbing takeout from a restaurant, it’s a good idea to give them the heads up. This will minimize the amount of time you need to spend in the business and prevent crowding. It also helps to confirm that the business you hope to visit is still open before you leave your house.

Consider delivery or curbside pickup

To minimize contact with others, many businesses are offering delivery and curbside pickup, including restaurants, grocery stores, pet stores and garden centers. Some also deliver the same day you order! We’ve even heard of local art shops delivering craft and painting supplies, and some businesses are expanding their services, like restaurants delivering groceries and family meal kits.

Tip generously

If you decide on takeout or delivery, and are in a position to do so, tip generously. Those extra few dollars could go a lot farther than you might think for servers, delivery drivers and businesses who are struggling right now.

Purchase gift cards

Who doesn’t love getting a gift card? It doesn’t matter if it’s for your best friend or yourself, buying gift cards from your favorite local businesses will help them get through the hard times they are facing now, and give you a fun social activity to look forward to after this crisis ends.

Think of your people

If you have someone who walks your dog, does your hair, cleans your house or anything similar, don’t forget about them. The change in pace that comes along with working from home may mean you don’t need someone to walk your dog, and you may be finding a few moments each day to tidy up around the house. Maybe you canceled your cosmetologist appointments due to health concerns or the fact that you won’t be having many face-to-face interactions for the foreseeable future. This, too, shall pass. Don’t forget you will need all of these services in the future. So, whether it means paying in advance for appointments or buying gift cards, continue to support those who have supported you.

Keep in touch with your small business owners and let them know they aren’t forgotten. Leave reviews online, refer them to friends and do anything else you can to boost them up. Restricting operations and even having to close up shop is disheartening, and isolation can be lonely. Reach out and share that you can’t wait to visit them again.


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