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Mixture of vegetables sitting on stone countertop

5 Ohio-Grown Fruits and Vegetables for Late Fall

Known for its idyllic countryside and farmland, Ohio’s green pastures serve the purpose of feeding families across the country and its local communities.

The benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables are countless. For one, local produce tends to be fresher, since you don’t need to wait for it to be transported to local grocery stores. Local seasonal produce also tends to be less expensive, so it’s more economical to feed your family healthfully.

It’s best to choose produce based on what’s currently in season. According to the Ohio Farm Bureau, there are dozens of different types of fall produce available here locally. Here are some of the most popular and well-known near you in central Ohio:

Group of hands holding three applesApples


Many types of apples are grown in Ohio, so check here to find an orchard near where you live. Many orchards offer the option to pick your own during September and October, which can be an enjoyable family activity.


Bowl of cauliflower pieces sitting on tableCauliflower


Rice it or roast it — cauliflower is one of the most versatile veggies for picky eaters. Pick heads that are creamy white without speckling or discoloration, then reap its low-calorie, high-potassium and vitamin C benefits.


Two ears of grilled corn on kitchen clothCorn


This vegetable is the state’s second-most valuable crop. Many people may not realize there are six different types of corn, and for the most part we only eat sweet corn. It’s high in fiber, folate and phosphorus and is a great accompaniment to your football fare.


A squash cut in half displayed on a wooden surfaceSquash


Choose full-sized fruit with a hard, tough rind, the Ohio Farm Bureau recommends. Winter squash is rich in vitamins A and C, and the many types are a late fall and winter staple. Our favorites? Acorn, butternut and kabocha!


Close up of different types, sizes and colors of tomatoesTomatoes


Many local farms have some of the year’s freshest tomatoes during the fall, available to pick on your own. Whether you plan to make stews, salads or sauce, stop by your local farm for a variety of tomatoes.


Eating healthfully can help your local economy and improve the overall health of your family. Pick some of these seasonal fruits and vegetables to serve your family this week — and enjoy a true fresh, farm-to-table experience.

Looking for ways to incorporate these seasonal options into your weekly rotation? Check out our favorite healthy recipes here.