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Healthy Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

The holidays are a magical time of year, when life as you know it seems to morph into this sparkly dream-world. You focus on parties and family and fun. Responsibilities and things like “calories” just don’t weigh on your mind in December. But then January comes, and you notice that you’re having to loosen your belt and leave your shirts untucked. That’s when you find a renewed determination to focus on your health. You spend four or five weeks rocking your new fitness goals … until February rolls around. It’s Valentine’s Day, and all you can think about is a rich dinner, a nice bottle of wine and box full of truffles. Sound familiar? Well, don’t worry. This year can be different.

Ditch the Sweets and Focus on Your Sweetie

Valentine’s Day is all about love, not food. There are plenty of ways to celebrate while sticking to your New Year’s health goals. The important thing is that you feel and show the love.

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1. Snuggle Up by the Fire

Create a warm, relaxing atmosphere and get your cuddle on. Watch a romantic movie. Reminisce about fun times together. Give each other backrubs. Kiss like it’s the first time.

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2. Write a Love Note

Tell your sweetie exactly why you love them. They’ll like to hear it, and it may also remind you of some of the awesome stuff you’ve been taking for granted.

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3. Enjoy Some Time Alone Together

Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what you’re doing, as long as you’re doing it together. Whether it’s walking the dog, watching a movie or even waiting to eat dinner alone after the kids go to bed. If you’re lucky enough to make it happen, plan a romantic getaway.

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4. Do Something Active Together

Go for a walk. Go skiing. Go dancing. Whatever it is you like to do as a couple, do it. Having fun together is what great relationships are all about.

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5. Cook Together

Cooking a tasty, healthy dinner together can be fun. You can create a more romantic and cozy atmosphere at home than any restaurant, and you can use healthy swaps to make your recipes lighter. Use the nice dishes, light a candle, turn on some music and enjoy the privacy of your own home.

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6. Treat Yourself

One sure-fire way to feel happier and more romantic is to indulge a little. Whether it’s reading a good book, taking a nap or pampering yourself with a spa day, show yourself a little TLC this Valentine’s Day.


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