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Holiday Travel Tips for Families

Traveling for the holidays can be stressful enough as it is, but if you’re bringing children with you it can make the process even more overwhelming. Luckily with a few simple steps you can ensure smooth sailing for the entire family.

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Preparing for Holiday Travel with Kids

First, prepare for the trip ahead of time with the entire family. Get your children involved in the planning process and have them help you prepare by packing toys or clothes with you. Make sure everyone knows what the plan is for the day you leave, whether you are heading to an airport or hitting the highway. No matter how long or short the trip may be, pack plenty of snacks to keep the kids’ tummies happy.


Family with two children sitting at airport

Air Travel Tips

If you’re flying to your destination, try to get a nonstop flight if possible so you don’t have to worry about layovers or being stranded in an unknown city if the weather is poor. Get through the check-in process at home by logging online and printing boarding passes, and arrive to the airport early to guarantee plenty of time to get through security. Bring an extra clothing option in your carry on in case the airplane is cold or you have any flight delays.


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Road Trip Tips

If you’ll be driving to your holiday vacation spot, take your car into the shop for an inspection before you leave to make sure everything is functioning properly. Put together an emergency kit to keep in the trunk with blankets, a flashlight, water, and other essentials. Take breaks along the trip to keep your kids from getting antsy while sitting in the car. To prevent boredom, let your children pack their own bag of toys and sneak in a few of your own choices. Encourage them to play games, read books, or bring along a portable DVD player with their favorite movies.

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