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Daughter giving her mother a gift bag for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for all Types of Moms

Mother’s Day is all about showing mom how much you appreciate all she does for you. Start with what she loves to find the perfect gift she’ll love. Here are some budget-friendly ideas for all kinds of moms:

Exercise equipment and shoesAthletic/Active Mom

The First 20 Minutes is the book for moms serious about staying fit and healthy for life. New York Times health and fitness columnist Gretchen Reynolds debunks fitness myths and makes the science of fitness easy to understand so your busy, active mom can exercise better and train smarter.



Person laying in bed reading a book next to a dogBook-Loving Mom

You could take the obvious route with a bookstore gift card, but why not give a non-book gift that celebrates her love of reading? This cell phone case will take her back to pre-Kindle days. This bookmark will point her exactly where she left off during her last reading binge.



Closeup of a person holding a blue mug with a heart on itCoffee-Loving Mom

Give mom a bag of fresh-ground coffee love, and show a Columbus coffee shop some love, too. Choose her favorite roast from one of the 17 coffee shops on the Columbus Coffee Trail, or promise to treat her to a cuppa joe at four of the shops to earn a “Columbus Coffee Experience” t-shirt.



Person holding a shopping basket full of vegetables in a grocery storeFoodie Mom

Put fresh herbs at your cooking and food-loving mom’s fingertips. Plant cooking favorites like basil, oregano, thyme and rosemary in window sill-sized pots. Give her inspiration for how to put that fresh goodness to use with Mark Bittman’s book How to Cook Everything.



Person putting a plant in dirt in a ceramic potGardening Mom

A scatter garden gives your gardening mom a reason to play in the dirt, along with the joy of beautiful blooms. As a bonus, a scatter garden attracts beauty, too, like butterflies, songbirds, honeybees and hummingbirds.




Person with folded legs sitting near candles practicing meditationMeditating Mom

Help mom get a daily dose of mindfulness and calm. The Headspace app ($8/month) is a personal trainer for meditation, in as little as 10 minutes a day. Another option is a new meditation trend — adult coloring books. They’re everywhere: discount stores, bookstores, even grocery stores. Don’t forget the colored pencils or markers!



Closeup of two people holding handsSentimental Mom

What mom isn’t a sucker for a heart-felt memory or sentiment from the people she loves? Using writing prompts and checklists, What I Love About Mom is a journal that helps you share memories and let her know what makes her special.



Closeup of person holding a mug full of tea with a lemon sliceTea-loving Mom

If tea is your mom’s warm, soothing brew of choice, The Tea Spot will warm her heart, too. Choose a tea she’ll love, and include a special note she’ll love even more. You’ll remind her how much you love her with every cup.




Closeup of someone typing on a smart phoneTech Mom

Introduce your tech-loving mom to photo books made simple with Chatbooks. Create and give her the first photo book in what can be an ongoing series that captures your family’s life. Set up the series using photos on a phone or posted on social media, and the Chatbooks app will automatically add it to a book. At 60 photos, the $8 book is ready for captions, editing and printing.



Closeup of someone putting cans of foods in a cardboard boxVolunteering Mom

If your mom has the heart of a giver, then she’ll love the gift of your time spent with her, helping others. Make her a coupon redeemable for time together volunteering with an event of her choice through Columbus Gives Back.



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