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Group of children smiling and hugging each other at a fair

Prepare for Fun: Fairs and Festivals with the Family

Taking your kids to the fair can be a great activity for the whole family. There are rides, food, games, crafts and shows for every member of your tribe. But you also want to keep in mind that fairs can end up being expensive and fair food is normally not the healthiest.

To help you get the most out of your excursion, here are some family-friendly tips to enjoy this summertime tradition together.

Person handing a ticket for an amusement park to another person

Check for Discounts

Check into options to buy discounted admissions or ride tickets in advance. If you think you might go back more than once, consider purchasing a multi-day pass. Parking by the fairgrounds can also come with a price, so do some research and see if there is free parking areas near the fair.

Child with brand-aid on knee injury

Be Prepared for Slips and Spills

You’re going to want to bring a bag with Band-Aids, antiseptic for cuts and scrapes, antibacterial for dirty hands, sunscreen, and if you are bringing a baby, all your normal baby supplies. Most fairs will let you bring in a stroller so you don’t have to worry about lugging around your diaper bag the whole day.

Babysitter Playing with Two Children

Consider Childcare

If you are looking forward to a concert or show at the fair, and your kids are younger, they might not be able to sit still through it. Consider asking a friend or family member to watch your kids while you attend.

Girl putting allowance money into a small purse

Budget for Fun

Give your kids an allowance at the fair for crafts and games so once they have used up their money they are done. This is a good money lesson for them and will keep you on budget!

Children sharing french fries at a table

Plan for Food

Eating healthy at the fair can be difficult. Try to eat a small meal before you arrive so you won’t be as tempted by all the unhealthy foods. If you need to grab a snack, try to share some different foods with your family so you can avoid the large portions.

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