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Mom on a Mission: Eating Healthy at Fairs & Festivals


When fair and festival season hit… the food choices turn to deep-fried and sauce smothered.

So how does someone who’s looking to eat healthy navigate the fairway?

We decided to go to an expert. Greg Brandes is Director of Nutrition Services for OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital, and he was a great help when we walked the streets of the Columbus Arts Festival. Greg helped us figure out where sugar and excess calories are hiding in our favorite fair snacks. But most importantly, he shared strategies on how to eat healthier, while still enjoying those rare treats. Ready to learn more? Click play on the video above!

Want to take these tips on the road? We have a cheat sheet with healthy fair hacks just for you – plus help for healthy eating at the movies, parties and other social situations.

Download PDF with Healthy Eating Hacks

Craving for more information on how to eat healthier and avoid added sugars? Check out the links below!


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