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Reshaping Your Health: Take Time to Celebrate!

You did it! You’ve reached the end of our diabetes prevention series. We hope you achieved your goals. If you did, celebrate! And even if you aren’t quite there yet, this is a time to reflect on the wins you’ve had along the way. Any progress, no matter how small, is a positive step toward improving your health. Today, consider:

  • How far you’ve come in changing your eating habits and physical activity.
  • The challenges you’ve overcome and any you’re still facing.
  • What you’ve learned about yourself.

While this series may be coming to a close, the lifestyle changes you are making are part of a lifelong journey. “Some days will be easier than others,” says Danielle Repko, an American Council on Exercise-certified health coach with OhioHealth Group. “But remember how far you’ve come from where you started.”

“In my whole life, I have always gained weight from year to year,” says one Diabetes Prevention Program participant. “But for the first time, I am maintaining my A1C levels and my weight. Next year, my goal is to start bringing it down.”

If you have reached your goals, take this opportunity to create a new action plan with new goals. Every few months, revisit them and evaluate whether they have changed. And remember: your goals don’t always have to be related to weight loss or exercise. There are many facets to life that influence your health, like time management, self-care and financial well-being. It’s all important. Just keep your goals realistic, acheivable, specific, flexible, focused on behaviors and enjoyable.

“Don’t give up on yourself,” says one Diabetes Prevention Program participant.

“Stick with it until you reach your goals. Keep going, even when you don’t want to or you’ve had a setback.”

Stephanie, another Diabetes Prevention Program participant, says, “Life has challenges and obstacles, especially if you’re a parent, but I have learned that I have the ability to overcome any challenge I put my mind to.”

If you’re still struggling to reach your goals, now might be the time to try joining an official diabetes prevention program. Programs like OhioHealth’s Diabetes Prevention Program give you the opportunity to share what you’re going through and learn from others who are experiencing the same things. “The consistency of the meetings and having accountability from more than one person you can bounce ideas off of is really helpful,” says Stephanie.

“I was resentful and embarrassed when I began the program,” says one Diabetes Prevention Program participant. “But I didn’t know the coaching could be so beneficial. My coach was awesome. He broke down all of my barriers.”

Check with your employer (OhioHealth offers a program for associates), your local YMCA or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s list of recognized locations to find a Diabetes Prevention Program near you.

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