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Woman holding baby, both in winter clothing, standing outside in the snow

4 Tips to Keep Your Children Safe in the Cold

Bundle up with these cold-weather guidelines to keep kiddos warm and healthy

For Columbus kids, cold weather means sledding at Scioto Park and the hoped-for snow day. For parents it means taking the right precautions to keep children safe and help them adjust to winter. Keep these four tips in mind so your kids can have fun and stay safe in the cold.

1. Dress Your Child Appropriately

Even if you feel warm enough when outside, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will feel warm to your child. In fact, babies and young children should wear at least one additional layer than you would wear. By dressing them in layers, it’s easy to adjust to changing temperatures by simply adding or removing one.

Tip: Always make sure that their hands, neck and head are completely covered.

2. Be Proactive and Check Often

Many kids will continue to play outside even if they are cold or wet. They’re having fun, after all! Be sure to check on them regularly to ensure they are staying warm and dry.

Tip: The sun can reflect off the snow and cause sunburn, so apply sunscreen to their faces.

3. Keep Them Hydrated

Because it’s cold, dehydration might not be foremost on your mind (and certainly not on your kids’!). However, dry winter air causes children to lose more water through their breath. Make sure they are drinking enough water to counteract this. If they are cold, give them warm tea or soup.

Tip: Inside the house, use a humidifier in their bedrooms if you notice their skin is dry or if they start suffering from nosebleeds.

4. Know What to Look for

By knowing the warning signs of common cold-weather issues like frostbite or hypothermia, you can identify and treat the problem more quickly. Symptoms of frostbite include pale, gray or blistered skin on toes, nose, ears and fingers. If you notice these, bring your child inside immediately and soak the necessary areas in warm water. Hypothermia signs include slurred speech, clumsiness and shivering.

Tip: If you think your child may be suffering from frostbite or hypothermia, call 911 right away.

Stay happy and healthy all winter long with our health and wellness tips!