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Person doing a push-up exercise outdoors

5 Ways to do a Burpee

There’s a tee shirt that says, “burpees hate you, too”. And there’s a good reason many people hate burpees. It’s one exercise that targets multiple muscle groups, improves muscular endurance, and helps combat fat. Your legs feel like dead weight and your heart is pumping when you finish a round. There’s no doubt they are an effective weapon in your workout arsenal. But they can get a little boring… and for beginners, they can be a bit intimidating. So we went to Sara Silk, a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with the OhioHealth McConnell Heart Health Center, to get some ideas on how to step up – or step down – our burpee game.

Person performing the Basic Burpee exercise

1. The Basic Burpee

Your basic burpee involves a few steps:

  1. Fall to plank position with your hands in line with your shoulders
  2. Sink down to the floor
  3. Quickly pull your knees in to a squatting position
  4. Jump up

Good job!! You just completed ONE BURPEE.

Person performing the Burpee with Step exercise

2. Burpee with Step

If getting low to the floor feels too difficult, feel free to grab a step and modify. Instead of dropping to the floor, keep your arms straight on the step, hop your legs out and back in, and finish with your jump.

Person performing the Step-Back Burpee exercise

3. Step-Back Burpee

If you want to take it a little slower, instead of jumping, you can always step back into your plank position.

Person performing the Mountain Climber Burpee exercise

4. Mountain Climber Burpee

Want to kick up your heart rate even more? Throw some mountain climbers in when you’re down in plank position.

Person performing the Star Burpees exercise

5. Star Burpees

If you’re a glutton for punishment, throw in a few star burpees. When you go back into plank, jump your legs out and back in – like a jumping jack, and when you jump back up, do a star jump.

No matter what variation you choose, burpees are a wonderful functional fitness move that will get you in shape fast.

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