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5 Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

If you’re finding it hard to fit a workout into your busy schedule, take a few minutes and try these exercises right at your desk. There’s no need for a fancy gym, and you’ll feel energized and ready to get back to work when you’re finished!


  • Desk
  • Office chair
  • Desk items for hand weights (examples: full water bottle or a stapler)


Woman performing Desk Exercise Walk Jog Warm Up

Walk/jog in place

You don’t have to get fancy to get moving. Simply stand up, do a quick stretch and start marching, walking or jogging in place. This warms up your body and increases cardiovascular fitness. Do this for 30 seconds.

Woman performing Desk Exercise Modified Push Up

Modified push ups

No need to get down on the ground to work your chest with a traditional push up. You can use your desk and still feel the burn.

While standing, place your feet a short distance from your desk with your feet together. Then place your palms on the edge of your desk about shoulder width apart. Lower down to the desk and then push yourself back up to your starting position. Try to do 10 at a time.

Woman performing Desk Exercise Chair Squat Leg

Chair squats

Stand in front of your chair with your legs hip-width apart. Squat down to sit in the chair and then quickly rise back up. Be sure to keep your back straight, your knees in line with your fee and your weight in your heels. Try to do 10 at a time.

Woman performing Desk Exercise Tricep Press Arm Weightlifting

Tricep press

Work your arms with this simple move. All you need is a full water bottle, or an equally heavy desk item to give you some resistance.

Sit with your back straight and your feet in line with your hips. Hold your water bottle in both hands above your head. Slowly lower or dip the bottle behind you, while keeping your elbows in. Then straighten your arms back to your starting position. Do 10 at a time or continue for 30 seconds.

Woman performing Desk Exercise Bicep Curl Weight Lifting

Bicep curls

Sit up straight in your chair and hold a full water bottle, stapler or something equally weighted in the palm of your hand. Extend your arm toward the floor, palm/water bottle facing out. Keep your arm close to your body and bend your elbow to curl the weight toward your shoulder. Then lower the bottle back down. Try to do 10 at a time.

Woman performing Desk Exercise Arm Circles

Arm circles

Sit straight in your chair, feet on the floor and legs bent at 90 degrees. Extend your arms outward in line with your shoulders. Draw circles in the air with your fingers, first going forward and then reversing direction. Do this for 30 seconds in each direction.