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Got Gastritis? Here is What to Eat (And What to Avoid)

While bathroom issues are good fodder for viral videos, they’re not so funny for the people who deal with them day in and day out. Stomachaches can range from slightly irritating to completely debilitating, and most put a damper on your social life.

Specifically, the term gastritis includes a group of stomach conditions where the stomach lining is inflamed. They can range from acute to severe and are connected to an increased risk of ulcers and stomach cancer. The good news is that gastritis relief is almost always possible with treatment and diet changes.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with gastritis, it’s time to make lifestyle changes to lessen symptoms and regain your quality of life. Along with decreasing stress, adjusting your diet is one of the simplest ways to begin taking control of your gastritis.

Changes to make, foods to eat:

Smaller Meal Portions Protein Healthy Carbs

Smaller meals:

Eating smaller amounts of food in one sitting can help decrease irritation to your stomach. Pick balanced meals low in fat, with filling protein and healthy carbohydrates like sweet potatoes or oatmeal.

Lean Protein Chicken Fish Beans

Lean protein:

Skip cured meats like ham or bacon, and fill up on chicken, beans and fish. These are heart-healthy and easier on your stomach plus lean protein will keep you full and help you avoid gastritis symptoms.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Salad

Fresh fruits and vegetables:

Always a healthy choice, these add variety to your diet and are easier on your stomach to digest. Choose locally grown, seasonal produce for the freshest flavors.

Avoid these foods for relief:

Spicy Food Chili Peppers

Spicy foods:

Hot wings and salsa are off-limits when you have gastritis. If you like foods that pack a punch, add other, flavorful seasonings to your foods like rosemary or basil.

Alcohol Cocktails Bar Drink


Skipping certain beverages during the holiday season can be challenging, but your stomach will thank you. Water is the best choice when you’re fighting gastritis. Add cucumber or fruit for extra flavor.

Hot Coffee Milk Creamer


Caffeine is notorious for irritating your stomach lining. If it’s part of your normal morning routine, cut back slowly to avoid a caffeine crash.

These simple diet changes will help ease gastritis pain, and improve your overall health along the way.


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