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Adult handing brown paper lunch bag to child in front of school bus

Recipes: 4 Healthy Kids Lunch Ideas

We don’t blame your kiddo for getting tired of PB&Js. Try out one of these soon-to-be favorites instead

Despite First Lady Michelle Obama’s best efforts, the school cafeteria is not a model of excellent nutrition. Want more of a say in your child’s diet? Pack their lunch using these lunch ideas for kids. And — even better — have them help! They’re sure to love these four quick, flavorful and healthy options.

Apple slice with peanut butter, nuts and chocolate chips on top1. Stuffed Apple Slices

Let’s face it: Sending an entire apple in your child’s lunchbox usually means it comes home — uneaten. Instead, make apples fun to eat with a little preparation. Try coring an apple and putting a mixture of raisins, chocolate chips, honey and peanut butter in the middle. Then, cut the apple into easy-to-eat slices for a fun (and healthy) treat.



Quesadilla filled with chicken and vegetables2. Italian Quesadillas

Use whole-wheat tortillas to create a quesadilla filled with pizza sauce and low-fat mozzarella cheese. This is also a perfect way to get some veggies in your child’s life; we know there’s at least one they like! Try roasted peppers, mushrooms or spinach. Prepare it like a regular quesadilla, then cut it up and slide it into your child’s lunchbox for a delicious treat.



Lunch box with a sandwich, fruit and cut up veggies

3. Homemade “Lunchables”

Lunchables are a lunchroom staple, but their nutritional content often leaves something to be desired. Kids love finger foods, so try making your own Lunchables. Some options: whole grain crackers with turkey and cheese or pita bread cut into slices with ham, cheese, cucumbers and hummus. Even better? Get your son or daughter in on the action, and let them choose and assemble the ingredients themselves the night before.



Tomato soup in a mug

4. Thermos Soup

Making your son’s favorite chili recipe tonight? Take advantage of that for lunch tomorrow! When packing lunch in the morning, heat up the soup and place it in a Thermos. Not only is this a great way to sneak in added vegetables, but it will stay warm until lunch time and can be easily eaten. Put a new soup in the rotation every week and let lunch come easily.



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