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Woman doing pull-ups on an outdoor metal bar

Playground Workout: Part 1

Adopting a healthy lifestyle isn’t just working out and eating right, it’s making connections with loved ones and your community and getting outside! 

So we hit the park for a little Vitamin D and sweat with our friends from the OhioHealth McConnell Heart Health Center. Exercise Physiologists, Tony Hansen and Laura Leach are here to show us how to fit in a quick workout while our kids are swinging and see-sawing.

Swing Planks

Using a swing while moving through a plank position is another way to challenge your balance and build muscle at the same time.


Park Bench Tricep Dips

Want to work on your tank top arms? Tricep dips will help! Extend your feet out in front of you, brace your hands on the bench with your fingers facing forward and bend at the elbows.


Park Bench Tricep Dips Variation

If you want to lessen the intensity in your tricep dips, bring those feet in a little.


Push Up

Using a raised surface for a push up can be an easy way to keep an eye on the kiddos and still work your chest and arms.


Swing Row

Stay where you are after that pistol squat and plant both feet firmly on the ground. Next, lean back!! Now pull yourself to that swing while pinching your shoulder blades together. These swing rows are good for your core and your arms.


Elevated Lunge

Any raised surface that gives you stable footing can be used as a spot to do an elevated lunge. Here, Tony is using the playground barrier to give his back leg a little height and bring a challenge into his workout. Just remember, the higher that back foot is, the more challenging the move.

And don’t forget, you can always join your littles and get out on the playground and play with them!

Are you looking for more workouts? We have some suggestions for you and be sure to check back soon for Playground Workout: Part 2!!