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Recipe Roundup: 15 Refreshing Teas & Infused Waters

Nothing quenches thirst on a hot summer day like a fruity, refreshing drink. But store-bought fruit drinks are often packed with artificial flavors and added sugars.

So, we went on a search for tea and infused-water recipes that are easy to make at home, and easy on your health. Try one or a few for fresh summer fun!

The complete list:

Blackberry Mint Infused Water from Purely Katie

Lemon Blueberry Pomegranate Iced Tea from Setting for Four

Mango Iced Tea from Dinner at the Zoo

Mango Mint Infused Water from Infused Waters

Passion Fruit Tea from Maebells Simple Living

Rainbow Citrus Infused Water from The Pretty Bee

Watermelon Green Tea Refresher from The Busy Baker

Refreshing Hibiscus Lemonade Slushie from Traditional Cooking School

Peach Green Tea from Easy Cooking with Molly

Matcha Mint Iced Tea from Love & Lemons

Cranberry Raspberry Lime Iced Tea from Better with Cake

Pineapple Coconut Water from 101 Cookbooks

Berry Rosemary Infused Water from Shape Your Future

Honeydew and Watermelon Iced Tea from Woman’s Day

Mango Pineapple Slushie from Tasty


Sometimes, the tools you use make all the difference. Here are some inspiring infusers and practical pitchers that will help you create your sip-worthy summer refresher.

Fred Silicone Infuser Como Tea Llama

Meichu Teapot Infuser

Hiware Glass Pitcher

Hiware Glass Pitcher with Removable Fruit Infuser

Hungry for more recipes? Take your taste buds on a tour of the OhioHealth blog


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