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Infographic: Simple Substitutions for Healthier Recipes

You don’t have to give up your favorite foods. Use these easy substitutions for healthier recipes and make your favorite dishes even better for you!

Infographic with examples of healthy substitutions to make in recipes

It’s easy to make those buckeye brownies just a little healthier — without compromising the deliciousness. Oftentimes just one easy substitution can drastically cut sugar or fat; we share some of our favorites above.

When revising recipes, ask yourself three questions:

  1. Can I leave out the ingredient?
  2. Can I decrease the amount of the ingredient?
  3. Can I make a substitution?

Remember: When modifying recipes, the goal is not to make the product fat free, but lower in fat. Opt for one-third fat neufchatel cream cheese instead of the full-fat version, or use half oil and half mashed banana in your world-famous zucchini bread. Simple substitutions over time add up!

Use these substitutions in some of your favorite recipes! If you want more recipes, check out all of our recipes.

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