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Person dancing to music as they workout outside

Test the Trainers: Music for Working Out

Music can change our moods, bring back memories, and even motivate us. For many, music is a huge part of our daily lives. We wanted to know more about how music can affect our workouts, so we turned to some OhioHealth exercise physiologists to find out.

Why is music important to your workouts or to the fitness classes you teach?

“Music is motivation! Music sets our pace, helps us dig deeper when we are getting tired and inspires us to move. Step classes are choreographed, but all classes need music to keep us going strong – whether working core, lifting weights or stretching!”
– Joy Kollmer, Group Fitness Instructor, McConnell Heart Health Center, Cycling, Step, Total Body Conditioning and MyZone Body Blast

“Music is vitally important to me when working out. My adrenaline kicks in, my endurance increases and it can push me harder than I normally would be able to push myself.”
– Amy Kleski, Wellness Center Membership Manager, McConnell Heart Health Center

“Music sets the tempo/tone of the workout routine. I believe it improves your mood by bringing your attention to the present rather than the circling thoughts you may have otherwise.”
– Kandis Hall, Exercise Physiologist, McConnell Heart Health Center, MzHiiT and Personal Training

“I play music because I think it helps the students stay calm and detach. That way, they can be totally in mind body and spirit in their practice.”
– Susan Hackbarth, Group Fitness Instructor, McConnell Heart Health Center, Yoga

“It gives the classes energy. The music sets the pace of your classes. It tells you when to work harder and gives you the motivation to do your workout. Plus it’s just fun to listen to great music. Music is very inspiring.”
– Monica Anderson, Group Fitness Instructor, McConnell Heart Health Center, Pilates, Pilates Reformer Classes, Zumba, Yoga, Sculpt and Tone and Basic Strength and Balance

“Fast paced music with a strong rhythm leads to a higher energy workout.”
– David Mechling, Exercise Physiologist, McConnell Heart Health Center

We also asked our exercise physiologists what they listen to while they work out from warmup to cool down. With pop, rock, country and more, we put all of their favorite work out songs in one playlist you can listen to on Spotify.

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