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Person receiving COVID-19 booster vaccine shot

What's Going On With COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters?

In a recent fast fact video, Joe Gastaldo, MD explains what you need to know about the Pfizer COVID-19 booster.

A Pfizer booster dose is now FDA authorized and CDC recommended. Currently, there are no available booster doses for Moderna or Johnson & Johnson recipients.

For those above the age of 65, or for those who live in a congregate living situation, a booster dose is recommended. A booster is also recommended for younger people with certain medical conditions.

For healthcare workers, aged 18-64, they may receive a booster dose if they choose.

For example, Dr. Gastaldo has chosen to get a booster dose. He was vaccinated in December of 2020, his antibody titers are low, putting him at risk for a post-vaccination infection. His memory cells are still working, so if a breakthrough infection does happen, the memory cells will kick in faster. This will mean a mild or asymptomatic infection.

The purpose of healthcare workers getting an extra dose is to raise antibody titers to make post-vaccination infection less likely.

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