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Healthcare worker holding syringe and vial of vaccine

What Is the Novavax Vaccine?

The Novavax vaccine introduces the third category of COVID-19 vaccines: protein subunit vaccines. Subunit vaccines contain a spike protein made from nanoparticle technology and an immune booster, overall resembling the new Shingrix vaccine.

This combination allows your body to develop both antibody and cellular immunity, otherwise known as a B and T cell response. The media often focuses solely on antibody production, aka your B cells at work. What is also just as important is how your T cells respond. Your T cells, when introduced to the vaccine, are activated to attack if they come across the virus. When both your B and T cells respond to the vaccine, you’re receiving maximum immunity against COVID-19.

The Novavax vaccine is expected to be reviewed by the FDA for United States authorization this May.


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