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Is There A Better Booster?

Booster doses are rolling out, and OhioHealth’s system medical director of Infectious Diseases, Joe Gastaldo, MD, is breaking down what you need to know in this fast fact.

There are boosters available for all three vaccines – Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna. Some common questions Dr. Gastaldo hears are, “Dr. Gastaldo, which booster should I get? Is there a better booster available?”

The CDC vaccine advisory group does not recommend one booster manufacturer over another. Recently, we gained the availability to review a not yet peer reviewed NIH study looking at mixing and matching boosters. They measured antibody levels and how well the antibodies neutralize the virus in a test tube simulation. In this study, the Moderna booster was 100 micrograms, while the Moderna booster we give people is 50 micrograms (half the dose). The Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson booster dose are exactly the same.

In the clinical study, the Moderna booster dose resulted in a higher antibody level. However, we still do not know how it performs in the real world.

Remember, after getting vaccinated, the immune response you get is more than just an antibody level. You also get B and T memory cells that are stimulated. At this point in time, Dr. Gastaldo agrees with the CDC recommendation. One vaccine booster is not recommended over another.

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