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What's "Appening": Apps for Runners

Are you looking to up your running game?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marathoner, everyone can use a little help and motivation sometimes. Check out these five apps that do everything from tracking your runs, to coaching you through your workouts, to cranking out playlists worthy of a nightclub.

9 Great Running Apps

Logo of Couch to 5K Running App

Couch to 5K (C25K®)

iOS and Android

$2.99 a month

Just getting started? This app is for you. It aims to have you ready to run a 3.1-mile race in just nine weeks! Audio cues coach you through the 30-minute workout sessions and an in-app music player lets you run to your favorite playlists. It tracks your time and distance, using GPS, and allows you to manually log workouts, too — perfect for treadmill days!


Logo of Runtastic Running App

Adidas Runtastic

iOS and Android

Free (In-app purchases offered)

Runtastic has all the tracking features you could want — track your miles, time, elevation, calories burned and more. It also has an audio voice coach and an integrated music player. But what makes this app really unique is its “Story Running” feature that lets you download stories to listen to while you run.


Logo of Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club 

iOS and Android

Free (In-app purchases offered)

Nike Run Club not only tracks your runs, but helps you with almost every aspect of your run. It offers personalized coaching plans and allows you to participate in challenges, compete on a leaderboard with friends, and listen to guided audio runs narrated by some of your favorite Nike athletes, coaches, and entertainers.


Logo of RockMyRun Running App


iOS and Android

Free (In-app purchases offered)

The right music can make your run feel so much easier. RockMyRun has thousands of mixes created by famous DJs. All songs are specially selected and seamlessly blended together to optimize your workout. Body-driven technology automatically adjusts the music to sync with your steps or heart rate so that you always have the right beat.


Logo of Charity Miles Running App

Charity Miles

iOS and Anroid


You know running can change your body, but did you know it can also change the world? Charity Miles lets you choose from over 40 charities. It tracks your distance and donates 25 cents for every mile you run (or walk) to your selected charity.


Logo of MapMyRun Running App


iOS and Android

Free (In-app purchases offered)

With MapMyRun, you can choose from more than 70 million routes or create your own. It tracks everything — distance, pace, elevation, calories burned and more — and gives you stats so you can track your progress. It syncs with other apps to give you a more complete snapshot of your health, and has a community of over 50 million runners to inspire you.


Logo of Strava app


iOS and Android

Free (In-app purchases offered)

Strava is most popularly used to track runs, but you can also track almost any activity you want, like swimming, biking, yoga, and more. Strava also gives you different routes if you’re looking to mix up your runs, and you can also compete in monthly challenges to push you to be your best.


Logo of Running Distance Tracker Pro app

Running Distance Tracker Pro

iOS and Android

Free (In-app purchases offered)

If you want a more in-depth stats when it comes to tracking your runs, check out Running Distance Tracker Pro. This app tracks your what zones your heart is in while running and can also give you customizable voice feedback and running routes.


Logo of Zombies, Run! app

Zombies, Run!

iOS and Android

Free (In-app purchases offered)

Looking for some new running motivation? Check out Zombies, Run! This audio-based app will make you feel like you’re being chased by zombies, and the only way to escape, is to run faster. It’s not just audio though – it also tracks your runs! The more you run, the more supplies you’ll collect to build a base to protect yourself from the zombies within the app.

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