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Healthcare worker wearing safety goggles, gloves and a mask

Caring for Healthcare Workers During a Pandemic

COVID-19 is spreading throughout Ohio at an alarming pace. Hospitals across the state are nearing capacity. Doctors and nurses are exhausted, and experts say the worst is yet to come. Healthcare workers have been working around the clock to care for patients. If you’re wondering if there’s anything you can do to lift their spirits, we have some ideas. Whether you personally know a healthcare worker or not, there are many ways you can help them feel appreciated and supported.

Lend a hand at home

Many healthcare workers work long shifts multiple days per week. That means less time to perform tasks around the house, which might pile up if they also have families to support. If making dinner is something they still need to do after a long shift, cooking a meal for them or having something delivered to their house can take one more to-do off their list. You might have an opportunity to donate food to a group of healthcare workers to provide them with individually packaged meals to bring home to their families or offer a discount to a local business you know. Otherwise, you might be able to donate to a local financial assistance fund that works to ensure our frontline workers have everything they need in their personal lives as they continue the fight against COVID-19.

Is your direct family member or loved one a healthcare worker? Make things a little easier for them at home by doing more than your fair share of chores around the house. Things like taking out the trash, preparing meals or helping kids are all things that could help.

Is your neighbor a healthcare worker? When the weather turns snowy, you could shovel snow from their driveway. Any small gesture or gift, especially during the holiday season, will show your gratitude to the healthcare worker in your life.

Lend an ear

Another important way to support our healthcare workers is to be a good listener. Whether it’s while wearing masks and social distancing or over the phone, just listening to their thoughts and feelings during this uncertain time can be a much needed release. At the same time, we need to respect their needs. If they want their space socially and emotionally, we should understand that too.

Do your part

The most important way you can show your support to our healthcare workers as they carry on the fight against COVID-19 is by following the safety guidelines we’ve come to know since March. Stay home when you can. Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Social distance in public and in private if you’re around members of other households.

In the long run, the safety precautions you take in your everyday life will slow the spread. That means you and the people you come into contact with will be at a lower risk of contracting COVID, and you can protect your friends and loved ones from potentially needing care in our hospitals.

With every mask you put on and big gathering you skip, you can help lift the burden our healthcare and frontline workers are experiencing as COVID-19 continues to spread and our hospitals reach capacity.

Show our heroes how much you appreciate their courage by showing courage of your own. They’re doing everything they can to care for patients and to slow the spread of COVID-19. Are you?