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COVID-19: From Panic to Empowerment

It’s normal to feel panicked during this time. As the coronavirus started to spread into Ohio, we may have cracked a few jokes or thought it would blow over, but then things got real. The NHL suspended the season, schools closed, and then restaurants, bars and fitness centers. It’s understandable that some of us might start to feel the panic level rising, and things start feeling out of our control. 

The good news is you can be in control of the panic. First, determine what triggers are making you hit the panic button.

Possible triggers:

Closings and social distancing

Controlling panic here is understanding how these changes are a proactive move to stop COVID-19 in its tracks. You may have heard the phrase “flattening the curve,” which refers to a chart showing two curves or two different scenarios of how the virus could play out. The “flattening” is the aggressive actions we are taking now for the future safety of Ohioans and healthcare workers. This is where each and every one of us can do our part. 

Infographic with chart showing how to flatten the curve during the COVID-19 pandemic

Confusing and ever-changing information 

You can take control here by narrowing how you receive your news and information down to trusted sources such as this Blog, the Centers for Disease Control and the Ohio Department of Health’s COVID-19 website. Here you can find checklists, tips and videos breaking down the information you need to know. Narrowing your sources and taking a break from the constant stream of information will help drop the feelings of panic.

The word Pandemic

It sounds scary, and if you watched the 2016 science fiction thriller by the same name, it’s obvious why panic could set in. The definition of Pandemic means a sustained and continuous transmission of the disease in three or more different geographical regions at the same time. It does not refer to a lethal virus. Taking the word “lethal” out of the definition can take the panic out of the word.

You are worried about your loved ones

The data may lessen your panic. 80% of those with the virus have mild symptoms and many are recovering. There are 13 times more cured cases than deaths, and that proportion is increasing.

If you or your family and friends are over the age of 60 or have an underlying health condition this could understandably increase your worry. We have advice for people 60 and older.

Identifying what triggers your panic can help stop you from hitting that panic button. 


Go to COVID-19 Toolkit page on the OhioHealth blog


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