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Scientists examining group of vaccine vials

What Is the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine? A Game Changer

What is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine? In short, a game changer. Listen to the fast fact above to hear why Joe Gastaldo, MD, System Medical Director of Infectious Diseases at OhioHealth believes this new one-dose vaccine will mean more shots in arms and how it will get us closer to “community immunity”.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is an adenovirus vector vaccine. This means that it utilizes a dead, human adenovirus that contains the spike protein. When this virus attaches itself to a cell, the genetic material is recognized and an immune response is prompted.

This vaccine is similar to the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as it also induces an immune response to the spike protein. However, it differs because it requires only one dose, can be stored in the refrigerator, and uses an adenovirus over mRNA.


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