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Influenza vaccine and syringe

Do I need to get the flu vaccine this year?

In this Fast Fact, Joe Gastaldo, MD, System Medical Director of Infectious Diseases at OhioHealth is weighing in on the 2021 flu season. Dr. Gastaldo tells us, every year, it’s always a wild card of how severe the flu season is going to be. Because of all the mask wearing this past year, influenza and other respiratory viruses were essentially nonexistent last flu season. So this year we’re walking into another unknown quandary. For the upcoming respiratory virus season, we have COVID-19, which we have a great vaccine for. The wildcard is influenza. Is it going to be a bad flu season? Is it going to be a bad flu season because people aren’t going to be wearing masks again? We just don’t know. The recommendation this year, more so than last year, is to get a flu shot. Dr. Gastaldo’s clinical hunch is, because of COVID-19 restrictions are lessening, we will see more influenza this coming flu season.

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