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Child blowing their nose with a facial tissue while standing outside in front of an adult

How to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

The holidays are a time for family traditions, passing down recipes and catching up with family and friends near and far. But let’s not forget what else gets shared – germs!

Whether you are hosting this year’s family gathering, or traveling, these reminders will help keep the germs at bay this holiday season.

Tips while traveling:

  • Always have hand sanitizer/ disinfecting wipes on hand for you and family members
  • Stay up-to-date on vaccinations (flu shot season)
  • Take your vitamins! Vitamin C is your best friend
  • Keep a small pack of tissues and nasal spray with you
  • Pack your own blankets, pillows and neck pillows
  • Sanitize doorknobs and handles in your hotel

Tips for staying at home:

  • Keep over the counter remedies on stand-by
  • Wash your hands, remind family members to wash their hands!
  • Disinfect everything from countertops to TV remotes and fridge handles
  • Try to stay away from sharing drinks, utensils, chapstick, everything!
  • SPACE! If you see someone visibly ill, keep your distance
  • Hydrate always!

You may think that stopping the spread of germs will keep you healthy, but that’s just not true. These next few months are the most fun and frantic times for many of us. It is easy to let our bodies get run down due to lack of sleep, over planning and of course, stress.

Give yourself a break during all of the holiday festivities and focus some of your time on self-care.

The importance of self-care:

  • Don’t be afraid to say no to keep yourself from becoming over-extended
  • Take a few minutes to yourself! A little quiet can do wonders for your mindset and attitude
  • Don’t expect perfection, focus on enjoying your family, activities and the atmosphere
  • Eat fruits and vegetables when available
  • Do a short workout, meditation or walk during any free time
  • Enjoy the tastes of the season, but try to stay away from overeating or drinking!

Need a little more help? Here’s some help to keep the stress to a minimum.

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