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If I’m vaccinated, do I need to wear a mask?

Because of the Delta variant and the increase of COVID-19 in our community, the CDC is shifting their mask recommendation. Joe Gastaldo, MD is sums up the changes in this way: If you are fully vaccinated, you have a great layer of protection against infection for the Delta variant. However, because the Delta variant is more transmissible, secondary to a higher viral load, we are seeing some breakthrough infections in those who are fully vaccinated. Recently, regardless of vaccination status, if you live in an area of high or substantial community transmission, the CDC recommendation is to wear a mask in public scenarios, especially if you are indoors or in a crowded scenario outdoors. That’s regardless of your vaccination status. At OhioHealth, your health, your well-being, is important to us – and we would like everybody to have the information they need to protect themselves best.

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