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Weaving Relaxation into Your Day

Need an excuse to take it easy? Well, National Relaxation Day on August 15 seems like a good one! If you can spend the whole day relaxing, then great! But if not, you can still work in a little down time.

Ways to Relax During the Day

“Relaxing” doesn’t look the same to everyone. One person may relax by lounging in a hammock with a glass of lemonade, while another finds tinkering in the garage to be more soothing.

Whatever your definition of “relaxing” is, find time to work it into your day — not just on National Relaxation Day, but every day. Just remember two things: make sure that it brings you joy, and allow yourself to be fully present in the moment (no multitasking!).

If You Have Five Minutes

  • Cuddle with your pet
  • Drink a cup of tea/coffee without doing anything else
  • Give yourself a hand or foot massage
  • Listen to your favorite song
  • Close your eyes and breathe
  • Daydream

If You Have 15 Minutes

  • Stretch
  • Sit outside or gaze out a window
  • Meditate
  • Write in your journal
  • Read a chapter of a good book

If You Have 30 Minutes

  • Go for a stroll
  • Soak in a bath
  • Chat with a friend
  • Take a nap

If You Have One Hour

  • Take a yoga class
  • Get a massage
  • Have lunch with a friend
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Work on a hobby

If You Have A Few Hours

  • Watch a feel-good movie
  • Have a spa day (at home or at the spa)
  • Spend the morning or afternoon alone doing what you want to do, when you want to do it


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