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Person receiving the COVID-19 vaccine shot

Why Bother With A Vaccine If You Can Still Spread COVID-19?

In this Fast Fact, OhioHealth’s System Director of Infectious Diseases, Joe Gastaldo, MD, reminds us it’s important to get vaccines in people’s arms. The pathway to ending this pandemic is through community immunity, and the safest way to get immunity from COVID-19 is to get vaccinated.  

When you get vaccinated, you are protecting members of your family and community. It’s important to note, vaccines don’t work the same in everyone. The older you are, or if you have certain medical or weakened immune conditions, the less effective vaccines are. Those populations are more prone to have bad outcomes from COVID, despite being vaccinated.  

If you’re vaccinated, you’re less likely to spread the virus to somebody who is immunocompromised. In addition, if you are vaccinated and you get a post-vaccination infection, you’ll clear the virus quicker and won’t be as contagious as someone who has not been vaccinated.   

When more people get vaccinated, we will have lower rates of community transmission, and that significantly increases vaccine effectiveness. When we get lower levels of community transmission, that will also play a role in lifting wearing masks in public.  

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