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Person holding arm with a band-aid on it after receiving COVID-19 vaccination

Why Is The Moderna Booster A Half Dose?

COVID-19 boosters are now available and Joe Gastaldo, MD, OhioHealth’s system medical director of Infectious Diseases, is hearing the question, “Why is the Moderna booster dose 50 micrograms – or half the dose – of the first two?”

That was the way Moderna tested their booster dose. In the clinical trials, their booster dose showed that 50 micrograms increased antibody levels to an acceptable point and provided protection in the real world against symptomatic COVID-19.

The side effect profile of the 50 microgram dose is essentially the same as the second 100 microgram dose. In other words, the way you felt after the second dose of Moderna is probably how you will feel if you get a Moderna booster.

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