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5 Tips for Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s how to achieve New Year’s resolution success

Once January arrives, holiday cookies go in the trash as everyone starts researching gym memberships — but what about the long haul?

If you’re like the more than 50 percent of people who set resolutions each year, you may be wondering how you can really make this year’s stick. So many people set out with the best of intentions, only to be disappointed a few months (or weeks) into the year when it all fizzles. Michael Hyek, PhD, senior director of the McConnell Heart Center, shares five tips to help you set resolutions that are made to stick.

1. Pick something realistic and meaningful to you.

If you are a single mother who works two jobs, setting a goal to have two hours alone each week to relax and read a book is progress for your overall health and wellness. Don’t be afraid to think outside of gym memberships when it comes to getting healthy and finding more balance. When you’re creative, and think about the goals you really need to achieve, you are more likely to achieve New Year’s resolution success.

2. Set goals in increments of 30 days.

If your resolution is weight loss, set a time each week to weigh yourself — then evaluate your progress every 30 days. Check in with your overall goal every 90 days, and make adjustments to it if you need to. Don’t be afraid to reset your goals if you find them to be unrealistic after a few days or weeks.

3. Stay focused.

When you make your resolution, choose one specific goal. If you try to lose weight, save money and make more friends all at the same time, you could get overwhelmed and sidetracked. Ensure your resolution is measurable and obtainable within the time period you set.

4. Share your goal.

Some people are comfortable with sharing their resolutions on Facebook or Instagram, while others prefer to keep them more private, sharing only with a spouse or family members. Whatever your comfort level, by making your goal public you’re more likely to be successful with a support system.

5. Track your progress.

Find free weight loss, fitness and money-saving mobile apps that can help you monitor your progress and analyze any setbacks you have over time.

Wondering if you chose a good resolution to begin with? Read Hyek’s suggestions for revamping the usual goals into realistic and attainable ones.